From 1st August 2020 the CJRS will no longer fund employer National Insurance contributions and pension payments for furloughed employees. Please ensure that these are covered through your own resources.

From 1st September 2020 businesses must start contributing to the wages of furloughed employees as grants will decrease to 70% of the usual wage in September and 60% from October. Employees will still be entitled to 80% of their usual wage but the difference must be funded by the employer. For the latest changes to the CJRS please click here.

If you have claimed too much CJRS and not yet repaid this then you must notify HMRC and repay the funds by the earliest of the below.

  • 90 days of receiving the CJRS money you’re not entitled to
  • 90 days of when circumstances changed so that you were no longer entitled to keep the CJRS grant
  • 20 October 2020 if you received CJRS money you’re not entitled to, or if your circumstances changed, on or before 20 July.

If you do not satisfy these requirements then you may have to pay a penalty. HMRC can withold or recover grants if they believe that they have been made using dishonest or inaccurate information. If you have claimed too much then you can inform HMRC online as part of your next claim. You will be prompted to do so as part of the application. Details of HMRC penalties, how to pay and how to appeal can be found here.


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